Dear Future Husband

I kept seeing a bunch of YouTube videos lately about a letter to their future husband/wife and it really got me thinking. I pray continually over my future husband every single day but how can I let him know what I was praying over him specifically?

I recently joined the SoulScripts Sisterhood (click HERE to join it!) and read Jordan’s post about waiting for her future husband. It got me really thinking about what I want my future husband to know when we finally do meet. (and click HERE to read her blog post that I mentioned)

I now keep a small shoebox full of long, mushy notes on notebook paper all folded neatly and placed in the box. I want my future husband to know that I was waiting for him and in that waiting season of my life I was praying to God to watch over him and for him to feel God’s love all the time! In this waiting season of my life, I am growing in my relationship with the Lord and have since realized that I need a firm foundation with the Lord & I before I can even think about a relationship and I want my future husband to have the same mind set as well.

I write to him when I feel overwhelmed. I write to him when I’m happy and can’t wait to meet him. I write to him when I feel lost. But most importantly, I write to him about what God is doing in my life and how I’m continually growing.

I really encourage everyone, no matter what age, to write and pray for their future spouse. It will really mean alot to them when you tell them about it years later. 🙂

I pray over each and every one of you reading this that you will find comfort and peace in God and remember “true love waits” !!!!!

xoxo much love,



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